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San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project
is a network of citizens, farmers, chefs, gardeners, teachers, and students working to encourage the growth and consumption of regional food. From farm to fork, we focus awareness and work toward a more ecologically sound, economically viable and socially just food system in San Diego.

By eating locally, not only do you get fresher, better-tasting food, but you also help support family farms and encourage a vibrant local economy. Please explore the bountiful agricultural and gardening opportunities in San Diego, learn how to become an informed participant in our local food system, and help us encourage others to do the same.

Our Primary Program

Victory Gardens San Diego is an educationally focused vegetable gardening program working in the urban San Diego region.

VGSD works with public and private partners including HOAs, hospitals, churches, businesses and schools. Services offered include:

Vegetable Garden program consultation

Vegetable Gardening Instruction

Programmed Vegetable Gardening Activities

For more information visit www.victorygardenssandiego.com

Looking for Wild Willow Farm & Education Center?

On September 10, 2019, Wild Willow Farm & Education Center, which was developed and operated by SD Roots from 2009 to 2019, became a program of the Resource District of Greater San Diego County.

San Diego Roots no longer has any official affiliation with Wild Willow Farm, instead focusing our work through our Victory Gardens San Diego program and other new initiatives.

The SD Roots board wishes the best of luck to the staff at WWF and the team at the RCD.