Community Supported Agriculture

NOTE: these resources are listed solely as a service to the public and are not an endorsement of, nor solicitation on behalf of these businesses. San Diego Roots is not paid for these listings nor can listings here be bought. They are listed solely to help folks looking for locally grown food find it.

CSAs are a great way to support your local farmer. When you buy into a CSA, you are buying a share of that farm's production -- not only the harvest, but also the costs of production. A typical CSA will deliver a standard weekly "share" or box of produce to drop points around the area. You pay either monthly, quarterly, or annually for your share.

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Cutting out the middleman; shoppers are buying shares of farms. In an environmentally conscious tweak on the typical way of getting food to the table, growing numbers of people are skipping out on grocery stores and even farmers markets and instead going right to the source by buying shares of farms. By Susan Saulney, New York Times, July 10, 2008

Because different farms offer varying sizes and drop points, you should check out each before deciding which program is right for you.

Local CSAs

Wild Willow Farmshare Wild Willow Farmshare members enjoy a full bushel basket of freshly harvested, healthily grown produce every week and support our efforts to grow new farmers and teach everyone how to grow healthy food where they live.

Each week's variety will be determined by what is being produced seasonally on our small farm in south San Diego County. Our temperate coastal climate gives us the ability to grow an abundant variety of crops, and our farmers have a knack of expanding and extending the normal growing season so you will be getting things that other farms cannot provide.

Suzie's Farm Suzie's CSA offers fresh, local, organic, and seasonal produce straight from their family farm. CSA boxes are offered to shareholders at over 25 convenient pickup locations in San Diego, in regular or small sizes, weekly or every other week, for 6 or 12 week commitments. Shareholders are invited to a free farm tour during their subscription.

Morning Song Farm CSA Located in Rainbow at the northern edges of San Diego County, Morning Song Farm grows a variety of common and unusual subtropical fruits, as well as an amazing array of wonderful vegetables. Each week they deliver baskets of our fantastic produce to subscribers in Riverside, San Diego and Orange counties, California.

Living Earth Ranch raises pastured, organic-fed chickens in Potrero, San Diego County. Their chickens forage on fresh pasture daily as early two weeks of age and are supplemented with only organic, non-GMO grains. The chickens are given freedom to roam, run, fly and forage under oak trees. When on pasture in the movable pens, they are moved daily to fresh grass, seeds, and insects. Their chickens produce better pastureland when moved daily because they distribute daily doses of fertilizer, and do not degrading the land with over-saturation and over-grazing. Order a pastured, organic-fed chicken online or find their pastured, organic-fed chickens at farmer markets or at pick-up locations around town.

Be Wise Ranch CSA is a certified organic farm that has been growing organic produce since 1977 in the Santa Fe Valley, just twenty miles north of San Diego. Be Wise Ranch offers a wide selection of CCOF certified organic fruit and vegetables, including vine-ripe heirloom tomatoes, strawberries, squash, and melons. Situated in a coastal zone about eight miles from the ocean, Be Wise Ranch's unique microclimate allows us to grow year-round, and to specialize in early and late season vegetables.

Seabreeze Organic Farm CSA Small in size, Seabreeze Farm is mighty in production with their firm belief that if people truly understood and valued, where and how their food is grown, we could very quickly help reduce waste, environmental damage, strengthen families, and dramatically increase our health throughout Earth. They currently are taking on new shareholders.

Inland Empire CSA is unique because it is a co-operative of two farms: Sage Mountain Farm, located east of Temecula in the High Desert; and De Luz Farms and Nursery's Mediterranean climate. With this wide range of growing climates they are able to offer a wide selection all year round. Serves San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Coachella Valley and part of Los Angles County.

JR Organics CSA The farm started 50 years ago on the beautiful, rolling hills of Valley Center and was CCOF certified in 1986. They grow a wide variety of crops and specialize in all types of heirloom vegetables, fruits, lettuce and dark leafy greens. The family has been selling their organic produce at Farmer’s Markets throughout southern California for many years and started their CSA program in the fall of 2007. Serves southern California.

CSA Aggregates

Different from CSAs, Aggregates are farm, ranch and orchard subscription services that feature boxes assembled by private companies from a variety of different farms from around the area or state. These sources vary from week-to-week and throughout the year, and the proceeds do not go directly to the farmer.

Garden of Eden Garden of Eden is a co-op of 13 small farms, which means variety. Owners Paul and Jennifer Trejo are always looking for something new to keep the program fresh and exciting.

Abundant Harvest Organics is a California CSA aggregate delivery service offering weekly organic fruit and vegetable delivery to community sites throughout California. They work with California organic family farmers to bring you a weekly delivery of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Also available is organic meat (beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pork), organic dairy (including butter, cheese, raw milk and pastured eggs) and nuts, beans and herbs.