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Harvesting San Diego

Our newest program connects local fruit tree owners to a local food pantry at the International Rescue Committee. Our volunteers glean excess fruit from private trees to provide fresh, healthy food to numerous families who rely on a food bank that can usually only offer processed, canned foods.
Harvesting San Diego offers growers and volunteers the opportunity to directly engage with the local community and make a tangible, immediate impact on those who need fresh, healthy food the most.

Please contact Philip at
or call (619) 630-5897 if you are interested in helping or have trees that need gleaning.

Success Stories!

"Our family did not have a buyer for 25 Royal Mandarin Orange trees loaded with fruit, so we contacted Phillip at Harvesting San Diego. He organized two groups of volunteers to come pick with us at times convenient for us. The volunteers were terrific, very respectful of our property and the trees and were delightful to work with; they brought everything they needed for picking and transporting. We were happy the fruit was going to people who would appreciate and truly enjoy the fresh produce. We were so happy that no oranges went to waste!"
-- Rich and Mary Rose of Escondido

"I contacted Harvesting San Diego when I found them online and realized that all of our very much ignored minneolas in our front yard were going to go to waste! Philip was so responsive and organized a time for himself and a volunteer to come out right away to help us harvest our tree. We harvested 67 pounds of fruit of the tree and my best friend and I were amazed at our ability to contribute locally and so happy about the experience we had being more connected to our tree. In addition to harvesting the tree, Harvesting San Diego helped us start our own garden in our back yard, so we can really be connected to the land around us. Thank you so much! Without this organization, figuring out how to harvest and garden and give back to the community would be much more difficult."
-- Jenny of University Heights