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Growing Healthy Community from the Ground Up.


The fundamental building blocks of a healthy human community begin with living communities of microbes in the soil. Regenerative Agriculture is an emerging farming technology that support this outcome. It recognizes the direct link between the soil microbiome, the plants, the people who grow and eat them, and all other elements of the environment — soil, air, water and life.

This video was filmed at our former educational farm where we taught these essential techniques.


On Planting Firmly


This is a video made by the educational staff of Wild Willow Farm & Education Center talking about sustainable food and why this is so important for the health of our communities and bodies.

In it, we reveal the secret to participating in a sustainable food system.

Meet the Kids!


Meet the kids of Wild Willow Farm! These babies were born in July 2013, additions to our well-loved family of goats at the farm. The goats were funny, ornery, loving, mischievous, and sweet enough to give you cavities. Our goats were a joy to behold for visitors and staff alike.

We hope these shamelessly cute baby goat videos inspire you to donate!

Through the eyes of a chef

The Early Days of Wild Willow Farm


The Vegetarian Chef author, George Vutetakis, produced this video after meeting us at a farmers market. He came to the farm and interviewed the farming and educational staff about our growing philosophy and more.