San Diego Roots Sustainable Food Project

is a grassroots network of citizens, farmers, chefs, gardeners, teachers, and students working to encourage the growth and consumption of regional food. From farm to fork, we focus awareness and work toward a more ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially just food system in San Diego.

By eating locally, not only do you get fresher, better-tasting food, but you also help support family farms and encourage a vibrant local economy. We encourage you to become an informed participant in our local food system, and join with others to do the same. Food is best when shared.


Educating, cultivating and empowering sustainable food communities in San Diego County since 2008

Do you eat food? Do you live in San Diego County?

Then you are a part of the San Diego food community. Think of our food system as a circle, each of us is dependent on and connected to every other part of the circle. Where you buy your food and what you put in your mouth not only affects you and your health but that of your neighbors and the environment as well.

Our region is blessed with a climate that supports year-round agriculture. Because of that, our county has more small farms than any other in the USA. Through education and advocacy, our goal is to connect these farms with local eaters and to grow a vibrant local food economy that supports all. 

Current Programs

Addressing Food Security & Resilience in Imperial Beach California

Residents of Imperial Beach, California have limited access to fresh and healthy food and must drive out of town for basic food necessities. Working together, we can fix that.

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